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The Duke & The Doctor radio program offers listeners natural alternatives to prescription drugs in treating a variety of common health problems such as high blood pressure, arthritis, stress, high cholesterol, sinus problems and menopause. It also focuses on preventive solutions to a wide variety of health concerns from people who call in from all over the United States.

Duke & The Doctor is hosted by Duke Liberatore, CEO of Peachtree Natural Foods. Peachtree Natural Foods is a rapidly expanding chain of health food stores with a dozen locations in the southeastern United States. Jan McBarron, M.D. is author of The Columbus Nutrition Program, a best selling book about a common sense weight loss formula. She is also the author of Flavor Without Fat, a best selling cookbook of fat free recipes. Dr. McBarron states that after seeing the side effects prescription drugs had on her patients, she began studying the efficacy of natural alternatives.

The solutions and recommendations Dr. McBarron offers on the Duke & The Doctor radio show have virtually no side effects and are often less expensive than prescription drugs. Dr. McBarron urges her listeners and patients to make informed, intelligent decisions regarding their health instead of relying on the often risky prospects presented by many prescription medications.

Dr. McBarron operates a thriving medical practice specializing in weight loss and nutrition. Her practice is located outside Atlanta. Duke & The Doctor began in 1993 as a local program in Columbus, Georgia. Today, Duke & The Doctor is heard in over 125 markets nationwide and is the premiere radio program of its kind.

Dr. McBarron's knowledge of a wide variety of natural solutions is encyclopedic and she possesses a rare ability to recall the most esoteric information on a moment's notice. Her husband, Duke, is a charming, intelligent and easy going co-host. He balances the presentation, acting as a listener advocate, breaking down technical medical information into easy to understand language. The chemistry in Duke and Dr. McBarron's communication is educational as well as entertaining. Both are talented and experienced broadcasters with years of daily on-air appearances to their credit.